It hard to win something you not competing for

the story of Land Rover BAR and the America’s Cup

In 166 years, Great Britain has never won the America Cup the Formula 1 of competitive sailing where boats skim the water at speeds of up to 60mph. It fast, it hard fought and it can be dangerous. But it also been witness to one of the more remarkable sporting stories of recent years.

Toppling the longest losing streak in history is no small ask. Yet the past isn the only hurdle Britain Sir Ben Ainslie and his fledgling Land Rover BAR team have faced since emerging as challengers to sailing elite in just a short time. And as its captain is keen to point out, history can also be misleading.

hasn even challenged in the America Cup since 2003, counters Ainslie, setting the record straight. 14 years out of the competition. Before that, the previous British challenge was in 1987. It hard to win something you not competing for. Our biggest challenge has always been being a first time team. Sure enough, it just three and a half years since Ainslie, fresh from medalling in his fifth and final high quality designer replica handbags Olympic Games, set out to build a team to win the world oldest sporting trophy. At the time he had neither a crew nor a boat, let alone the finances required to fund either. Around ($116m) would be needed just to get a craft in the waters of Bermuda Great Sound for 2017 America Cup. No one said it would be easy.

had to build the team, the infrastructure, the design and manufacturing processes, and that was before we could even start on building our test and race boats. The existing teams had a head start but we been chasing to close the gap ever since, he explains.

And chase they did, first bringing in the expertise of former McLaren Racing CEO Martin Whitmarsh to manage the business side. Then, in 2015, Land Rover came on board to tackle arguably the biggest challenge of all: the boat.

The America Cup still operates under a Deed of Gift, the prescribed set of rules inherited from the original winners, the New York Yacht Club, who swept to victory in 1851 under the gaze of a young Queen Victoria. Consequently, these loose rules have often invited Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags a number of legal challenges over the years. So, Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags following one mismatch between a 90ft monohull and a tiny catamaran in 1988, the idea of a single boat design was first floated.

Today, the 15m long America Cup Class (ACC) catamarans are custom designed to a set of criteria comparable with those of Formula 1, where teams spend years and millions of dollars on design to gain even the slightest advantage. Land Rover BAR was beginning not only from scratch, but with little time to catch up.

the head start that the other teams had in developing their boats that has made us underdogs from the beginning, admits Ainslie. But that didn stop him launching the R1 this February, just two years into a high quality replica handbags china partnership with Land Rover. replica louis vuitton bags But what different is that the team has taken its design cue from motorsport.

incorporated both technology and practice from F1 and the automotive industries, in the way that we have designed, built, prepared, optimised and developed the race boat, says Ainslie high quality designer replica handbags , glossing over what was a gruelling 50 ,000 hours of design work.

The effort has cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk been herculean. to mine for clues to greater stability and speed. From modeling Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica the aerodynamics of the wing to refining and manufacturing the controls for faster response times, every inch has been built, from the daggerboards up, with this in mind.

whole team has pulled together to develop and improve the boat every minute of every day since its launch, Ainslie recalls, hinting at the countless hours of tests and practice runs replica designer handbags , just to get the handling, speed and feel correct. In many ways, it been a design race as much as a human one.

Land Rover BAR came into the 35th America Cup on the back of winning the Louis Vuitton America Cup World Series, a warm up for the Cup proper (with bonus starting points at stake), wherein each team competes in identical wing sailed catamarans (AC45F), eliminating the design aspect. It was of a pure sailing test admits Ainslie, and one in which his crew swept the board.

Ainslie himself is a reminder of just how important getting the right people can be. He arguably marked the finest hour in modern America Cup history when he took on the role of tactician for Oracle Team USA late in the 2013 1:1 replica handbags series, finding himself 8 1 down in San Francisco before masterminding one of the great sporting comebacks of all time to take the trophy 8 9.

the Cup in 2013 made me realise how much bigger the experience is when you do it with a team. It really brought home to me how much I wanted to do this for Britain, with a British team. do so, it required not only business acumen but physical work. This kind of sailing is a far cry from the one man Finn and Laser class competitions in which Ainslie made his name, where strength is vital. Physically, he had to change his entire shape, shedding muscle and bulk, with every gram aaa replica designer handbags fought over.

have an overall weight limit for the six aaa replica designer handbags crew on the boat, and because my role doesn require strength, it important to be as light as possible. The lighter I am, the bigger and stronger the guys doing the grinding (operating the boat winches) can be, so I worked very hard at losing weight while maintaining a high level of aerobic fitness and stamina. future

The heroics of Ainslie, both at the Olympics and the 2013 America Cup, has done much to raise sailing from the doldrums of public consciousness, not to mention viewing figures for the latter (the last Cup saw its highest TV ratings in the US). But keeping that spotlight, in the face of all the other sporting events competing for attention, is difficult. Ainslie has often admitted his frustration at this before, yet he remains optimistic.

combination of a very tight competition with innovative and high tech coverage makes the America Cup both exciting and understandable in a way that it wasn possible before, Ainslie insists.

Few would bet against the world most successful sailor getting his way. Whether co engineering a racing boat from scratch with a team of Land Rover designers or building a winning crew out of nothing, he invariably rises to the challenge. And while team Land Rover BAR came up agonisingly short in their first America Cup, going out in the semi finals to eventual winners Emirates Team New Zealand, this is just the start. Land Rover fake designer bags have renewed their partnership with Ainslie team for the 36th America Cup in 2019, and the future looks bright, with the Land Rover BAR Academy team having just been crowned Red Bull Youth America Cup champions. The race is only just beginning.

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